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Here’s how our company can help your business.Cleaner Floors…FOREVER!On a regular basis (usually, once a week or every other week) Garden State Dust Control’s field representative will pick up dirty, soiled mats, and replace them with fresh, clean mats at entrances and high traffic areas. Our service is quick, quiet, courteous and efficient. Your floors stay cleaner, your facility more attractive…every business day.Highly Affordable ServiceGarden State Mats, available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, are surprisingly easy on the budget. And, when you think of the money you’ll save on maintenance costs, wear and tear on heating and air conditioning units plus avoidance of potential law suits, you’ll realize why so many restaurants, retail establishments, factories, public buildings, and service businesses use mats supplied by Garden State.Safer Surroundings…ALWAYS!Not only is tracked-in soil and moisture under control, but potential injury to personnel and visitors dramatically reduced. Garden State’s handsome, statically placed mats grab and hold the rain, snow, sleet, and slush, brought in from outdoors to help prevent dangerous slips and falls.Unconditional GuaranteeIt’s easy to see why so many firms throughout the tri-state area use Garden State’s service rather that purchasing mats and occasionally cleaning them in-house. They know that only 10% of tracked in grit is removed by vacuum cleaners. Mats need to be cleaned professionally and often. That’s why they leave it to “The Mat Specialists” – Garden State. Our environmentally friendly mat laundry gets out ALL the dirt. And, we stand behind our workmanship and the quality of our mats. If you ever have problem with our service, just give us a call and we’ll make it right. That’s GUARANTEED!SERVICE COVERAGE AREAGarden State Mat Rental Services New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware Greater Areas We offer mat and cleaning supply rentals and service in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. See details about our

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7007 Highway 38
Pennsauken 8109
United States

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